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RCRENEW has set the standard for professional nitro 2 stroke engine service and performance mods-modifications. We have a full machine shop equipped Soley for nitro Rc engine modifications and services and are the only RC engine shop in the United States that has the equipment needed to provide professional Nitro rc car engine services.

For almost 2 decades we have been providing RC car enthusiast with the fastest and most reliable engine mods in the racing world. With our full machine shop of CNC machinery and our own Nitro Rc engine Dyno, our mods and services provide real performance that is unmatched.


We also pride ourselves as the ONLY nitro 2 stroke RC engine modifier to have designed and worked with RC engine manufacturers themselves and provided research and development to improve the design and performance of their engines.

Simply put our engine modifications are the real deal and will simply outperform our competitors in every aspect. 

If you are a nitro rc engine manufacturer, please contact us if you would like us to help design and optimize your engine lineup.

RC engine dyno dynomometer for sale - Copy_Watermarked.jpg
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