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  • Whats your turnaround time?
    Usually 3-5 business days but it can change a little depending on our current workload.
  • How do I go about sending in parts or an engine for services?
    For services, purchase the service from our website then send us your engine or parts to the address on our contact page. Include a note in the box with your information so we know who's engine/parts they are. When we receive the package we will match your info on the not to your order and provide the services you purchased. You are responsible for shipping the item to us. Return shipping is paid when you purchased the service on our website. You can add any special notes or requests for us on your order. If you have an engine and want it serviced but don't know what it needs, you can send it to us and we can inspect it and then contact you after and go over your options and then send you an invoice for what you decide. Just put a note in the box with your info and notes on the issue or what you want done to it. We recommend getting shipping insurance on your order you send it as we are not responsible for lost packages. Send parts to: RCRENEW 8022 Providence rd suite 500, #250 Charlotte NC 28277 If you would like to print out our Old order form and include it with your parts here it is.
  • Print the order form to send with your parts
    If you need to print out our old order form to include with your item that you are sending in for service it is attached below.
  • Do I send in whole engine for a resize ( pinch ) or just piston, sleeve and rod?
    We offer options for both. Technically we only the the piston, sleeve with rod attached to perform the resize service. But we also have the option to send in the whole engine (minus mounts, clutch and flywheel). This option is a little more money but we also inspect the other engine components while it's here to check for any issues so it can be helpful to make sure the engine will be in tip top shape before resizing. Also some guys just don't want to hassle with disassembling it to send in parts for a resize.
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