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Piston / sleeve resizing
We take your worn out piston and sleeve with little or no compression and we clean and Resize the piston/sleeve. You will have restored compression with a top quality 3 stage "factory" taper. That will add gallons of life to your engine and restore lost power and tuneability. Our tooling is top quality in the industry and gives the best, most accurate results possible.
We resize .12 to .30 engines only.


Pleaase specify in the note box at checkout if you would like a light pinch ( requires less break in when you get it back)

Or if you want a tight pinch ( will require more break in but will last a bit longe in the end)


We have 2 choices:

  • send in your piston sleeve rod only ( cheaper )
  • Send in the whole engine ( more expensive because we have to take time to dissasemble) But we can inspect engine for any other issues before we do the resize service.

Nitro rc engine piston sleeve resizing ( pinch) service

SKU: resizing
  • For this service ship your parts to us to the address on our contact page. Pay for the service on our website. Put a note in the box with all your contact information so we know whos parts they are and what we are doing. Will do the service and ship back out to you usually within 5 business days depending on our current workload.

    For service you are responsible for the shipping to ship the item to us. When you purchase hte service on our websit that included return shipping.

    We can not resize damaged or heavily scratched piston and sleeves. Very small scratches are fine. This service is for parts that are still in good shape just lost compression.

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