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RCRENEW MAX modified Traxxas 3.3 NItro RC car racing engine. 


The  RCR  MAX modified Traxxas 3.3  nitro rc engine is our fastest 3.3 mod engine. We do more crankshaft work on this verision than the Standard verion for even faster off the line power and more top end. We fully cnc machine the crankshaft to lighten, balance and double turbo cut it which produces more power, smoother revving and more RPM. This engine great  low end torque with Screaming  top end. It has been modified to produce as much power and RPM as possible without effecting reliability or tuning.(Glow plug not included)

Our MAX Modifed 3.3 engines have won many championship titles and will simply give you a crazy amount of power whether bashing or Drag racing. This is the most powerful RC car Traxxas size engine available that will bolt right in.


We offer this standard modified engine and for even more power check out our MAX MOD Traxxas 3.3 engine.


We also offer a  seperate service to cut down the cooling head for drag racing see out services page for that if you want to add to your order.

RCR MAX modified Traxxas 3.3 engine

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