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Engine Mod services:      
Drag Mod: This Mod is for users who want all out power and speed and are not concerned about fuel mileage. This mod is great for drag racers,Bashers, dirt oval, monster trucksand Boats where having the most power and rpm is the goal.
Race Mod: This is for racers who want more power but also want improved fuel mileage and driveability. We optimize your engine to achieve the best balance of performance and fuel mileage  making it Rev higher, get better runtime and pull harder to give that extra edge in competition! This is most popular for our car racers who want to make less pit stops for fuel during a race.
For Traxxas 3.3  engines we also offer a MAX MOD where  extensive CNC  work is done to the terrible stock crankshaft to gain even more performance than a standard mod.( See pic of MAX Mod crank work we do)
We  can tailor a Mod to fit your specific needs so if you need something different contact us , the sky is the limit. Boat, Plane, On road car, Off road car .
Please note: only engines that are new or have less than 1 gallon on them can be modified.

RCRENEW Engine mods -modification Service

SKU: engine mod
  • For this service ship your new engine to us to the address on our contact page. Pay for the service on our website. Put a note in the box with all your contact information so we know whos parts they are and what we are doing. Will do the service and ship back out to you usually within 5 business days depending on our current workload.

    For services you are responsible for the shipping to ship the item to us. When you purchase hte service on our websit that included return shipping.

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