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Like the EBIS RC CAR engine break in the engine is submerged in a special oil that is heated to an ideal temperature. But our  OBBIS machines have a higher capacity of oil which helps reduce oil breakdown and particulate  contamination. The engine is rotated by a special high torque motor/drive  and control system at a series of controlled  RPMS in the heated oil. This is done over hours of time to break in the engine. Since the engine is submerged in lubrication,the  bearings, rod and all moving parts are protected with lubrication during the entire  process. This process reduces connecting rod wear during break in which is where most of the rod wear happens because the engine is tight and new so this eliminates that. Also the piston and sleeve break in with a better fit and seal leaving a better piston surface finish for a longer lasting engine.
Engines will need 3-5 slow driving on the ground  break in even after this service. But the hardest initial part of break in is done for you. We recommend pre heating your engine after this service the first couple times it is started while you finish the break in process in your vehicle.

RCRENEW OBBIS Nitro rc engine Oil Bath Break In Service

  • For this service ship your new engine to us to the address on our contact page. Pay for the service on our website. Put a note in the box with all your contact information so we know whos parts they are and what we are doing. Will do the service and ship back out to you usually within 5 business days depending on our current workload.

    For services you are responsible for the shipping to ship the item to us. When you purchase hte service on our websit that included return shipping.

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