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This is the baddest stretched out outlaw chassis available for the Electric Traxxas Bandit, Rustler and Slash. This kit makes it super easy to build a streched out drag racing car and wasvery well thought out to be the best most hassle free kit available and provides a 15.25" wheelbase from spindle center to spindle center making the best length for drag racing!


Choose your own custom color! We can make the upper plastic components in a variety of colors!


Includes a super rigid milled out aluminum chassis and all the required upper servo tray, top plate and screws.  Just bolt on your front end, rear end and mount you electronics and you are ready to rip! This kit uses your factory or aftermarket steering linkages and even comes with the steering posts so its an easy swap. Even the screws are included!


OUR KIT IS SIMPLY BETTER! Other Carbon fiber chassis flex WAY too much making the chassis twist when you punch it. When the chassis twists one of the front wheels will lift of the ground before the other which steers the car in a different direction. Also one of the rear wheels will lift so youi will not have equal rear tire hookup traction. So with a carbon fiber chassis the car simply will be hard to keep straigh and difficult to keep power to the ground.. Its simple engineering.... a stiffer more rigid chassis makes for a faster off the line car and keeps the car straighter.


Our Chassis will not twist making your car run straighter and keep traction to the ground for faster times!


Fits most any battery and battery can be positioned forward or towards the  rear for your desired weight balance


We even give you mutiple slots to use 15mm to 20mm wide velcro lipo straps and zip ties for extra security mounting your ESC, receiver and Gyro. ( zip ties not included).


Add our RCRENEW front show tower, rear shock tower extensions, front drag skinny tires and short suspension arms for the ultimate setup thats ready to win!


"whats inlcuded"  The Kit includes:

  • CNC machined aluminum lowerchassis
  • Plastic upper front top plate/servo tray with servo mounts and aluminum steering posts
  • Plastic Main Upper chassis rails with slots for 15 to 20mm velcro straps to hold battery
  • Rear gearbox bracket with ESC/Receiver/Gyro mounting plate cover
  • All screws needed for the components in the kit.
  • Choose from any of the custom colors for tth upper plastic components.
  • 2 heavy duty velcro battery straps


Pictures are for example only Front end, rear gearbox etc is not included and for example only. Comes wtih what is listed in "whats included section"

This is a custom kit with custom made to order colors so no return are accepted for this custom item.

RCRENEW Traxxas Drag racing Outlaw chassis Bandit Rustler Slash

SKU: Bandit Drag CHASSIS
choose upper plastic parts color
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