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RCR mods LONG lengthTraxxas Jato Drag racing chassis. Drag chassis.


This LONG chassis is 50mm ( 2 inches) longer than stock which provides better straight line stablity and handling making the car easier to keep stright for Drag racing.

For serious drag racers the RCR Jato drag chassis cant be beat. Ultra lightweight Aluminum chassis provides less flex than carbon fiber with similar weight. (Short chassis 3.15 oz and long chassis 3.8 oz) The reduced chassis flex puts power to the ground more efficiently for faster times, increased off the line acceleration and straighter steering.
Plus our chassis work with both small block and big block engine /mounts So no need to buy 2 different chassis to switch from big block and small block.
Includes lower chassis, upper top plate,standoffs and screws for top plate and fuel tank spacers.
There are 2 lengths shorts adds + 5mm & the long chassis adds a lot more +50mm to make it 13.5" wheelbase.

RCRENEW TRAXXAS OUTLAW Jato Drag racing chassis LONG

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