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This is a pair of custom rear Traxxas Shock tower extensions to make your shock mount vertical for Drag Racing. These fit the The Traxxas (TRA3638)  rear shock tower of  Electric vehicles like Traxxas Bandit, Rustler, Slash, Drag Slash and Stampede.


Drag racing is a straight line race so with these shock tower mounts you can run your shocks more upright to stiffen up the rear and decrease suspension squat. This is needed to give you more off the line speed, traction  and stability. Making for faster runs with quicker acceleration and run times.


Made of impact resistant plastic these extensions are strong and they snap on with no play or slop. You just use one screw to go in the stock shock location to mount these.


A must have upgrade for Traxxas Drag racing.

Traxxas Rear shock tower Vertical mounts Drag racing Slash Bandit

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