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This is a pair of custom rear narrow (short) suspension arms for traxxas Jato.


You obviously will need to do some tweeking since these are shorter than stock.


You can use the stock style plastic Traxxas axles if you cut them down shorter.


These arms fit right onto the Jato and use stock hinge pins or you can find some 3mm hinge pins that match up if you like. No grinding is needed for these arms to fit the Jato.


But you will need the following parts to use these on the Jato: (See picture for example)

RCRENEW Jato rear camberlinks

Traxxas Bandit rear hubs part # 3752 

Traxxas Jato inner diff cups Part # 5125  

And either:

Traxxas rear stub axles part # 8354 

AND Traxxas  4-Tec rear dogbone axles #  8351 ( see picture)


Even better to use the complete rear traxxas 4 tec rear cvd type axles part # 8351X  instead of the dogbone type axles. ) see picture )


Color may vary slightly-Manufacturing Material plastic

Short Rear TRAXXAS Jato Drag Racing suspension arms

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